"Best website ever!!"
- Jeff Ching's Dad
"I agree!"
- Jeff Ching's Mom
You can also call me Ching Midas, because anything I touch turns
to comedic gold.

I have launched a petition to Justin Trudeau to make 420 a national Canadian holiday.
If legalization is on the table, why doesn't Canada go one step further and become the
first country EVER to have a national marijuana holiday? Why the fuck not? Please
read my petition, sign it if you like it, and please share. Let's make this shit go viral! It
may be the most absurd petition you've ever read, but some of the best ideas in human
history started out absurd, right? Like, when Einstein said, "E=MC^2, I'm sure some
people were like, "That's fucking absurd!" Anyways...

The wait is over!! iDate has finally made its youtube
release! Click the button below to watch!
Thanks to the 60+ people
that showed up on July 5,
2016 to the private
screening of iDate at the
Winchester Theatre. That
night was so much fun, it
gave me a massive
iRection...err, modest
On March 31, 2016 iDate
won the Award of
Excellence at the Spring
2016 Depth of Field
International Film

What better way to
celebrate than have the
Ching of Comedy mascot
make a bong out of their