Winnner: Spring 2007 Audience Choice Award at the Toronto 24 Hour Film Challenge

Genre: Short Mockumentary

George McDonald is a rogue artist on the verge of creating his greatest masterpiece, and pushing the boundaries of
the artistic world. But, does he have the sack to pull it off?

Of all the short films that I have been a part of, this one is probably my favorite. For everyone who knows a
pretentious artist, this movie's for you!

Visual Virtuoso by Team Poosquid
Sleep Fighter by Team Poosquid
The genre was 'action adventure', the theme was 'divide and concur', the props were a
box of weird little things like string, a syringe, an elastic, a paper clip, and the
mandatory line of dialogue was 'corrosive'.

David Grimes is in sixty grand worth of trouble with local gangsters. Does he have the
sack to stay alive? No. But Sleep Fighter does.

This is a very fun action/comedy with a very silly premise. This is a movie that clearly
does not take itself seriously. I should also note that this m ovie is the only time you'll
ever see people actually intimidated by me.
You can also call me Ching Midas, because anything I touch turns
to comedic gold.