About Me
So I deleted what I wrote that was previously in this section as it was just a bunch of diarrhea. I hate writing an "About
me" section. I'd rather my work speak for itself. Yeah, maybe I'll be looking to just get rid of this section when I give this
site a long overdue makeover. So I'll just say...

Please sign my petition to Justin Trudeau to make 420 a national Canadian holiday.

And look out for a short film titled iDate which should be released on this site in May. I spent shitloads of money,
worked with almost all non-actors, and I think the movie turned out pretty fucking funny.

And if you haven't seen my short film "Chasing Roadrunner", check it out in the short films section. That is all.

You can also call me Ching Midas, because anything I touch turns
to comedic gold.